'TOWARDS THE ONE’: A multi-faith chanting at Grenfell Tower for healing and unity, with Aziz Dikeulias  - 8th July 2017 - noon

As the terrible disaster of the Grenfell Tower fire recedes from the news' front pages, a lot of psychic trauma is left from the departed souls that suffered an untimely departure, as well as justified anger that ultimately embitters. In an effort to facilitate healing and help remove the pain that lingers, we invite you to join together in person near Grenfell Tower on Saturday July the 8th to chant some healing prayers and songs from the world's many religions and spiritual traditions. Let’s also take the opportunity to fight the fear and ignorance of Islamophobia with a positive response, uniting our hearts in our shared humanity in the unity of God. 

All welcome. 

Date: Saturday 8th July 2017

Time: 12 noon - 2pm

Meeting place: Latimer Road Underground Station 12 noon

Information: please contact event host via Messenger on Facebook

Event details page on Facebook: please click here

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