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Next Online Community Forum: Exploring Wholeness and Collaboration 

You are most welcome to join us on Wednesday 12th October, 7pm–8.30pm

We will explore: How can we usefully address the ecological crisis that we face?  

Karim Hope and friends will share a Prayers for World Healing ritual which focuses on Wholeness - healing our beautiful planet and its reflection in ourselves. Karim will also share reflections on his attempts over many years to address the ecological crisis through small steps and collaborative working.

Karim has been a healing conductor for 20 years and was the representative for Kinship in the UK for many years. He has been trying to address ecological issues since the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, both from within industry and through a community arts centre in Aberdeenshire.

Karim will be joined by NurJamil, Malika and Steve, current participants of the Ho-Ho group which has also included Nur and Salik, Surya, Khadira and Espabad.

A donation of £5 for those who can afford it would be greatly appreciated which will go towards the work of IHUK.

To book, please contact:

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