Next Generation Healers

Young people and young adults in the Inayati Healing Order UK

"Consciously or unconsciously all beings are capable of healing themselves or others. This instinct is inborn in insects, birds and beasts, as well as in human beings……..every being has a natural gift for healing in a greater or lesser degree, and it may be developed."

"Those who pray for the cure of others must surely be blessed because goodwill and love from which their prayer rises, of necessity bring a blessing to them.

 Prayer for one's own cure is not selfish. It is making oneself a fitting instrument to be more useful in the scheme of life.” 

Hazrat Inayat Khan

In the Inayati Healing Order,  we want to encourage the next generation of healers to develop their own natural gift for healing. 

We feel the world needs your healing presence, as it struggles with the results of personal, interpersonal and international conflict; environmental devastation; and a loss of a sense of the sacred and of hope. 

If you are 35 years or under 

  •  if you are deeply concerned with suffering in the world  of people, animals, plants, the earth
  • if you want to help birth a new world of planetary consciousness where presence, passion and compassion matter
  •  if you are enthusiastic and want to learn more about healing

Then we can offer you

  • a UK and international community of like-minded people : (If you would like to learn more about Haywanāt, the international network of Young Adults of the Inayatiyya Healing, please email Haywanāt at
  • healing training arising out of an inclusive, universal spirituality ever-adapting to current understanding while deeply-rooted in an ancient perennial wisdom 
  • training in Sufi spiritual healing at various levels for self-healing and healing in the world 
  • more intensive experience of healing on retreats
  • training freely-given or heavily-subsidised

Please contact us for more information.

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