Spring Healing Retreat  - 28th April to 1st May 2023

Healing Ourselves  Healing the Earth

During this silent retreat we will dive into how, by healing ourselves and helping each other, we can contribute to the healing of the planet. Let's be a community of hearts working together for the healing of the Earth.

We will use sound and breath practices, rituals, Dances of Universal Peace, nature walks, silence and the teachings of our Beloved teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan and many others.

Teachers: Farzana Dalila-Boyle, Noor-un-Nisa Jacobs and Shams Richardson

Location: Poulestone Retreat Centre, Hereford, HR1 4UA.

Investment: £400 for the group retreat £460 for an individual retreat

Contact: for further information and to secure your place .    

Inayatiyya Healing Europe International Online Retreat with Pir Zia – Seeds of Strength

This retreat took place in early April 2022. In our 2021 Retreat, we explored moving from fear to trust. In 2022 we looked at anger and isolation and how these can be transformed into strength and relationship – relationship with ourselves, our neighbours, our environment and our planet. As healers our goal is to be instruments to transform negative energies and vibrations into a positive influence that will help the world to change.

May 2021 Online Retreat

A Torch in the Darkness
Inspiration and Transformation in the Journey of the Heart:
Remembering we are not alone 

Our Spring Retreat of 2021 took place via Zoom technology. 

Seeking inspiration in times of restriction, fear and worry, we were inspired to find hope and love through the illumination of our hearts. It is through the eyes of our heart that we can discover the deep well-spring of truth from which we can create our new reality; a reality based on our capacity for awareness and choice.

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