Residential Retreat at Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire

O joy that seekest me through pain . . .  

Residential Retreat at Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire

Guided by Hadia Little with Sajeda and Karim Hope and NurJamil Parsons 

The Light of Healing reveals itself through darkness, like the stars in a night sky. In retreat, we shall seek ways of keeping our hearts open and compassion flowing in the depths of personal and collective suffering, reaching beyond tears to the rapture of wholeness and unity.

Story, chant, song, dance, music, poetry and practices from our Sufi and other traditions will carry us through the stages of the retreat process. We will spend time in silence and in nature. We will ‘trace the rainbow through the rain’ and reach through to that sacred place where ‘all shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well’.

'Consciously or unconsciously, all beings are capable of healing themselves or others.’ - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hadia’s backround is in teaching and teacher education. She joined the Sufi (Inayati) Order in 1998, is a Suluk graduate and a Representative and has guided the Cotswold group for more than a decade. She is a Conductor in the Inayati Healing Order and, with Nur Jamil, has led the non-residential retreat for several years. She is a practitioner of Spiritual Healing with touch, sound, light and colour.

Cost for the 3 day retreat including shared room and vegetarian meals is £270 or £210 if camping with your own tent. There is a small supplement for special diets. Booking forms are available from

PLEASE NOTE: This Retreat was CANCELLED due to COVID.

For special concessions, please call Hadia on 01926 613782 or 07932 153016. In case of questions, please email or call Hadia at the numbers above.

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