The Wounded Healer

Transforming Woundedness into Light – a 2-day non-residential healing retreat

Led by Amin Dilly  

26/27 October 2019

“There are hearts which have been exposed to fire for a long, long time, and there comes a sulfury water from them, purifying and healing; for it has gone through fire, it has gone through suffering, and therefore it heals those who suffer.” (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Woundedness is a state many of us feel in life at times. We may also witness pain and brokenness around us. Yet, in the midst of this brokenness there is wonder and beauty. There is a power for healing deeply rooted in our wounding, our fragility; a healer at the core of our being that we can call upon. This weekend through Sufi practices using breath and sound, the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and pieces of music as well as the alchemical retreat process, we will connect with our inner self and get in touch with that spirit of healing within us.

Amin Dilley is a Conductor in the Inayati Healing Order. He is also a Representative, Guide and Retreat Guide in the Inayati Order.

Colet House, London, W14 9DA     

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